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It is interesting to note that the gross features of these menisci belong to the embryo while the histologic picture is more in keeping with the age of the In connection with the theory of congenital origin of cysts of the menisci it is noted that no cysts have been reported in the menisci of embryos nor have they been recorded as having been found in any of the menisci which have regenerated after removal of the original structure. The inner portion of each ovary was occupied by a large cyst containing a dark fluid, and the outer portion was marked by several nodular projections, consisting of dense fibrous tissue. The points had been brought out very well with regard to the distinctions between peripheral neuritis and anterior polio-myelitis, but he would take exception to what had been said regarding the rapidity of the onset. It has been said that when emphysema occurs in a tubercular lung, it arrests the dosage progress of the tuberculosis for the time being. A few triple phosphate crystals side were found in the sediment. It might be well to mention at this time that during the embryologic development of the knee joint the j there is any suggestion of appearance of synovial membrane lining any portion of the cavity or covering any of the interarticular articular structures.

Pain may occur in a sound tooth when a thorough, systematic anatomical examination shows conclusively that the cause of the pain is not in the The cervical plexus supplies the skin of the neck and the muscles concerned in uses respiration. The tubercle bacillus, however, is not alone in evidence in the lesions of tubercular pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia. The sounds are frequently due to the pronunciation great dilatation, or are associated with the chronic valve disease on which the condition depends.

On a subsequent admission, in spite of a variety of drugs administered, the painful cramps were finally brought under control by low spinal anesthesia. PNEUMOTHORAX (Hydro-Pneumothorax and Pyo-Pm-n Air alone in yahoo the plcural cavity, to which the term pucumothorax is strictly applicable, is an extremely rare condition. "The Law" is a brief tract which, if written nowadays, would be considered rather commonplace. In other more rare cases the disease runs a rapid course, but the effusion is rather lactescent than chyliform, and develops in the course of confirmed While tuberculosis is present in two-thirds of these cases of lactescent effusion, cancer is only present in one-third. It may be occasioned by an unhealthy discharge from the vagina, or it may depend upon an eruption like thrush in infants, when it is accompanied with burning, heat, redness, dryness and swelling.


The use of frequently changed packs saturated with a solution of activated zinc peroxide powder keeps the mouth and suture lines very clean because of the liberation of oxygen. Kljl the supinator medscape longus, as well as the extensors of the wrist and fingers.

The paraplegia is slow in its development; the patient at first feels weak in the legs or has disturbance of sensation, numbness, online tingling, pins and needles. The old preparations of mercury, the proto-iodide, van Swie ten's liquor, and mercurial inunctions, etc., are of service, but nothing, in my opinion, is so valuable as an injection of biniodide of mercury in aqueous solution. Pulsatilla may be given in alternation. Acute or chronic midamortho nephritis (including saturnine nephritis) may bring on oedema of the larynx. Tolerance may sometimes be established by giving the oil in increasing doses, after it has been manufacturer well cooled in a freezing mixture. Decrease in sexual desire and "and" power may also be an early symptom. The menses continues three, five or seven days, according to the peculiar constitution of the woman. If there is an expert at the head of the water division, with epidemiological experience, he may be trusted to interpret cause and effect, but in that case there is an unnecessary duplication of experts, which in the present financial poverty of cities should "midamor" be avoided. On the other hand, serum accidents are frequent and occur in the form of edema and "answers" cutaneous eruptions.

We have the proof of this in the case quoted above. VV e have, ocasionally, been able to outline, in such tonsils in situ, small collections of detritus, but in most instances, because of the clouding effect of the hyperemia, it has been impossible to see the collections directly (effects). These are the cases, too, in which amiloride for weeks there may he mental symptoms. We would define occupational disease to be disease caused, promoted, or midamorphine prolonged by remediable work conditions. The cases of sudden and rapid death caused by large effusions have not all been published. Those on the thigh, and one of those above the crest of the ileum, suppurated profusely and discharged an abundance of offensive pus tinged with blood. Objective sensory potassium disturbances can usually be demonstrated, and indeed almost every variety of sensory disturbance has been described.

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