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Hershey will conduct experiments and report on his observations a year effects hence.

The vigorous daily and straightforward description of what a nurse should be and how she should act under the varying conditions of her work is admirable and unquestionably needed. Blood - the conclusions which we have reached are as follows: irritability or hyperexcitability of the nervous system. In - in its further course it was surrounded by a narrow layer of circular llbres, outside of which came the interlacing network of muscular tissue. The thyroid gland shows weight slight enlargement. Two Cases of Muscular hcl Dystrophy in typical cases of the disease. Amputation of the upper extremities is, however, frequently a surgical necessity, particularly since the introduction of conical balls, mg and when, from the wounding of immense numbers, the proper conservative measures cannot be adopted in order to ensure the safety of the limb. These symptoms might well sugar suggest an acute appendicitis, even in the presence of a pneumonia or a threatening pneumonia. Radical operations, and who present no sign of relapse, and who have been Eighteen cases are tabulated which were to operated on for irreducible strangulated hernia, and in which no attempt at radical cure was made. The that the cells of adenoma bear a close resemblance to those of of carcinoma, and may be inoculated upon the healthy peritoneum in the same way. More attention is directed to a tightening of the fascial and muscular layers of the cheek and neck and appropriate removal and and tightening of the skin of the cheeks, jaw and neck.


Was the President such a diabetes patient? Apparently he was. Frank Billings, of Chicago, in the Shattuck Leoture, spoke on" The Changes in the Spinal Cord and Medulla in Pernicious help Anemia," a subject which has of late been exciting a very marked degree of interest among both clinicians and pathologists. Side - lilienthal extirpates the entire colon, the sigmoid and four inches of the ilium for hyperplastic colitis, and his patient lives to tell the tale. Beyond the surgical "500" wound in the posterior wall of the stomach is found an which extends downward and backward as far as the finger can reach. Intellect sluggish; answers slowly and in an abstracted manner, seeming to brighten up at times by a great effort: er. Microscopic examination f)f the excised umbilicus did not detect any special for organism in it. THREE 850 HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-FOUR LAPAROTOMIES by Dr.

Thirty grains daily is regarded as an absolutely safe limit: combination. The author's position is that fever, though primarily set up by an increase "loss" in heat-production beyond that of heat-dissipation, continues not from excessive production, but from an altered relation between production and dissipation. An assistant furthers the "pregnancy" endeavors of the operator by pressure upon the trunk through the abdominal walls.

Such description presents a most rational conception of the cardiac symptoms of pcos secondary anesthesia, and sufficiently explains the danger of toxic doses or too long continued exhibition of It is very generally conceded that fatality of this order is avoidable by the skill of the anesthetizer and that the consideration of secondary syncope alone would leave the anesthetic in question decidedly less threatening than ether.

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