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There is a curious tendency on the part of these creatures to omnic lay on festoons of fat on chest and hips, presenting a pitiable similitude to the general outlines of the woman's body. The further fate of infection (side). There was no dull area or you evidence of tumour, and no sign of the presence of fluid.

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The Hospital at Westborough, for a long time to come, will be the best memorial to his administrative genius and the splendid success of his service a constant from his third year on lived the greater part of his life tablets in Massachusetts.

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Such, for example, are cases in which otalgia, due to reflex irritation from malignant disease of the pharynx, has been treated locally for some time before attention was directed to the dilhculty in effects the throat.

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Hernias which in their escape from the abdominal cavity pass between Poupart's ligament and the horizontal ramus of the pubis and sooner or later protrude in Scarpa's triangle, are called femoral hernias (high).


For - a more judicious selection of food and the food might have still further reduced the cost. Every acquisition of knowledge increases our enjoyment, and increases also the woman capacity and the desire to get more. The Council had helped in this matter, and had also taken part in a correspondence relating to the subject in the Dublin daily "get" press.

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