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Seven Qualities of a Leader

The leaders in a group always stand out against the followers of the group, especially in the business world.  They must possess characteristics that set them apart from others.  These qualities are learned and perfected over time, not something you just wake up 'being' one morning.  The following are seven qualities that allow a leader to be successful.   

The first quality is vision.  When a leader is the head of a project or the manager of a group of employees, they must always have a clear vision or idea in their mind.  Leaders must set a goal and know the right steps to take in order to accomplish the goal.  When the leader sets up this plan, he must inform his group in a clear and understandable way.  Good communication skills are a key factor when trying to inform the rest of your group about the goal and plans.

However, leaders can not achieve a goal alone, which leads to quality number two or openness.  Everybody has a different way of thinking and part of the leader's job is to listen to his team's opinions.  Accepting new ideas keeps the group diverse and will allow them to achieve their goal in a timely fashion.  When the leader allows other group members to contribute new ideas, relationships will begin to form because trust is now established.

A third quality that is necessary is a strong work ethic.  In order to lead a company or a group of people, a leader must be serious about his job.  Punctuality is a sign of good work ethic.  When a leader shows up early or on time to a job, he cares about his work and about the image he portrays to others around him.  Leaders need to possess strong work ethic to set a good example for the rest of their group.  This quality will allow not only leaders, but everyone in business to become successful. 

Another quality important in leaders is self-confidence.  When they are confident in their ideas and work, it will allow others to look to you for help and guidance.  However, that does mean a leader should be over confident and shoot down group members when they come to you for advice or help on a project.  On the other hand, you must be somewhat assertive in your actions.  Otherwise, the group will walk all over you and you will have no authority.  In order to accomplish this quality, you must have the right level of self-confidence. 

 The fifth quality a leader should possess is honesty.  There are two parts of honesty, honest with your group members and honest with your work.  The first part, honesty with your group members, takes alittle time and honesty with other people you are working with.  This includes sharing all the valuable information with one another and making an effort to get along with your entire team, even if you have clashing opinions.  The second part deals with being honest with your work.  As a leader, you must be ethical and not lie or cheat in order to get ahead in your company.  There have been many scandals in business, which goes to show honesty and trust will always win in the end.  Putting forth an effort to do good work and be truthful, will put you ahead in the long run. 

A sixth quality a leader should have instilled in them, in my opinion, is dedication.  Not only should a leader be dedicated to their project or work, but the leader should be dedicated to the values and morals set up by the organization they work for.  When they are assigned a project, leaders do the necessary research and development to accomplish their vision, even if this means staying late at the office.  Leaders are committed to representing their company in a positive fashion and upholding the values already established.  By being a dedicated leader, followers will see this example and hopefully be inspired to become future leaders one day.    

The last, but certainly not least, quality a leader should have is enthusiasm or passion.  As a leader, you must be passionate about your job, your fellow team members and the company you work for.  When you express an interest in what you're working on, the people around you start to become excited and put a great effort into what they are doing.  If you want your team members to put their heart into something, you must do the same.  Passion is contagious, so love what you do and others will follow your footsteps. 

 In order to be successful as a leader, one must learn different qualities and begin to perfect them.  In order to be unique from the followers, leaders need to be honest, self-confident and passionate about their work.  Over time, these skills are perfected and leaders are born. 

Gabriella Bruno
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Author: Gabriella Bruno
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